While trying to access Netgear Genie login web address www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com you might receive an error message stating” This page cannot be displayed” or DNS IP errors, in such cases try following troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure your computer is connected with Netgear router wired or wirelessly.
  • If your computer is connected with some other different Network, Disconnect it and just connect it with Netgear router, turn off VPN service if enabled on computer or Network.
  • Try restarting your Netgear router for a minute and then try to reconnect to the router login web page once the lights are stable on the Netgear router.
  • Try to clear browser cache data or if you are getting a javascript error message, try to access routerlogin.net web address on a different browser.
  • Disable security software if any, Security software such as Kaspersky, Norton Block access to Netgear router login web address due to Network adapter firewall issues on adapter due to this security software uninstall Kaspersky or Norton in such cases and then try to access router login web address using Ip or www.routerlogin.net.
  • If still the issue persists, try to reset the router to factory default settings using a paper pin for 10 seconds, Netgear router lights will flash momentarily, wait for the lights to turn stable, then access Netgear login web address using IP, follow on-screen Netgear genie Set up instructions to complete the set up process, Update your router firmware to latest to avoid login issues in future.


Netgear was the first company to introduce AC series fast routers, Netgear routers are well known worldwide for there blazing fast speed and ultimate performance.N Netgear routers are compatible with almost all internet service provider companies, ac series Netgear routers are also equipped with gigabit ports. Netgear ac series routers work on MU-MIMO technology, and with beamforming technology, bandwidth distribution is nominal as per device requirements.


ALESSIA: I need to set up my router, am using a WNR 2000 v3 Netgear n 300 router

Solution: Connect an ethernet cable from isp modem to wan slot of Netgear router, reboot your modem, connect an additional cable from Netgear router LAN slot to your computer, then try www.routerlogin.net to access Netgear router login website, Netgear genie screen will appear, follow on-screen instructions to setup Netgear router.

Alberto: I need to access my router, I am using WNR 2000 v4 router, need to create a new key WEP password for Netgear router so that I am able to connect my hp network printer

Solution : To access Netgear router configuration page , launch a web browser and type http://www.routerlogin.net or http://www.routerlogin.com in address bar of your browser , a login screen will appear , use username as admin and password as password ,Click on wireless setting icon , a drop-down screen will appear, you can change the security type to WEP, then click save and apply .

Eric: I just bought a new n 300 WNR 2000 router but I am not able to connect it wirelessly with my devices, I changed my cable modem also, my internet company is cox communications

Solution : In the case of cable connections like cox communication, time warner cable and Comcast, IP spoofing or mac cloning may be required , certain ISP provide access to one networking device only by blocking mac address, in such cases connect a ethernet cable from cable modem to your computer , note down mac address or physical address of modem , then

apply the same settings to your Netgear WNR 2000 router, then restart your modem and Netgear router.

Anthony: how I set up password my internet, I am using a WNR 1000 v2 router, WNR 1000 time 2, I need to lock my router wifi so that other devices are disconnected

Solution: Try to access Netgear router login webpage using IP address or using web address www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com, under wireless settings option, select security type to wpa2 /personal and then enter new network key passphrase, minimum 8 characters, then click on save apply option, then reconnect your devices with the new wireless password

Laura: In my house, I have 4 devices to connect to the internet and only one is able now, Before all was working perfectly since I change the router, I did all the suggestion possible but they don’t work, I am using a Netgear WNR 2000-100nas router

Solution: Make sure your devices network adapter settings are selected on automatically obtain IP address DHCP, if still the problem persists, try resetting the Netgear router using a paper pin for 10 seconds, then try routerlogin.net to reconfigure Netgear router.

Larry: what do I need to do to access my WNR 2000 that is on our network, it’s an old WNR 2000 it is an old one that was previously configured

Solution: if your router is previously configured with different isp modem, simply do a factory reset on Netgear router using a paper pin, then reconfigure your wireless router using IP address or by using classic web address www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com.

Ann: connecting to my new NETGEAR router for the first time. The “genie” did not appear so I’m logging in here to set it up. need to connect Chromecast to my network,

Solution :Make sure your Netgear router is connected properly with your computer either wired or wirelessly , make sure your router is turned on , if you are getting an error message while trying to access Netgear login page using www.routerlogin.net ,try to access Netgear genie page using IP address , disable all active firewalls if any, like Kaspersky internet security, if still, the problem persists, try resetting the Netgear router, then try http://www.routerlogin.com to access Netgear genie configuration site .

Terry: I’m trying to configure my router, my old one stopped working so I have another but I can’t figure out how to get the new one work

Solution : Disconnect your older access point or router , unplug it from power source and disconnect ethernet cables connected to it if any , then connect a ethernet cable from your isp modem to internet slot of Netgear router ,then restart your isp modem , wait for the lights to be solid green on modem and router , connect a ethernet cable if possible from Netgear router LAN slot to your computer if possible or connect your computer wirelessly with Netgear router

James: My computer dropped my Netgear router? Can’t I get the login to come up? , my internet company is Verizon and I have Kaspersky Security installed on all my computers and laptops.

Solution :Security software like Kaspersky internet security block access to router login webpage , Ndis 6 filter of Kaspersky security blocks access of device and networking router , to fix this issue , uninstall Kaspersky security from your computer ,restart it ,reboot your router and then try to access Netgear router login webpage using IP address or webpage www.routerlogin.net or www.routerlogin.com

Dowell: I got a message telling me to configure my router to use WPA2 personal AES security type. I have no idea how to do that, I am using the wnr2000v4 router, any suggestions please //1. no firewall 2. wireless channel 11 3. security option set WPA 2 and no MAC filtering

Solution : Wpa2 -personal security is recommended security type protocol for Netgear routers ,open a web browser , type in address bar of browser , enter your login credentials , use username as admin and password as password ,click on wireless icon , select security type as wpa2/personal ,then type the wireless security password ,minimum 8 characters ,then click on save option ,you can also change channels from 1 to 11 if you are facing any interference issues, recommended channels are

1, 6 or 11 . to change MTU settings, click on the advanced option, under WAN settings, you can chanMTUmtu value, default MTU value is selected 1500.0.