Q: I just got a new Netgear wireless router and am following instructions to go to when I get there I’m told I’m not connected and can go no further. Am I communicating with you over the connection?

Solution :Make sure your computer or laptop is connected wired or wirelessly with Netgear router , if your computer network adapter is selected on static, change that setting to DHCP ,auto detect, make sure your Netgear router is turned on, open cmd and type ipconfig command to check IP address of router, try to access Netgear router login web page using ip address instead of classic web address or .

Q: do you have any instructions on setting up the Nighthawk to work with Century Link? I am using ad 7000 Netgear router, it’s not connecting to the internet, my isp is century link?

Solution: In case of PPPoE connections, you need to contact your internet service provider, for username and password, and vci and vxi values, to set up d 7000 modem router, with CenturyLink, you need to register mac address of Netgear router with CenturyLink to have the active internet connection.

Q: well I’m not really sure when I try to connect I get a 403 forbidden code, I am trying to connect Netgear router, but webpage is not working, the error code is 403 forbidden, I live in an apartment building?

Solution :While trying to set up or log in to Netgear router login page you might receive an error message page cannot be displayed or bad gateway error 403, in such cases , make sure you have connected ethernet cable properly with Netgear router and your gateway modem , try to access Netgear router login web page using IP address , try refreshing browser ,make sure javascript is enabled , try rebooting Netgear router and your isp box,then try Netgear router login webpage .

Q: when I was trying to connect my router using web address, instead of using the default password of “password”, I made one up. Now, I can’t connect my cell phone or tv to the router. It says that the password is invalid.

Solution : To connect your networking devices ,you need to use network key passphrase ,i.e wifi password, admin password for Netgear router is used only to access Netgear router login webpage ,to connect your devices you need network key passphrase, default network key and ssid network name can be found on Netgear router label itself .

Q: my Netgear router lost its wifi capability. I am using n 600 Netgear router when u am trying to access the Netgear router login web page using, it says page cannot be displayed, I am not able to connect devices wirelessly

Solution :press wifi button on Netgear router back panel and release it, if 2.4 and 5 GHz lights are solid on Netgear router ,try reconnecting the devices ,in some cases wifi SSID network name is disabled, to enable this feature, log in to your Netgear router login page using web address or , algin screen will appear, use username as admin and default password as password in lower case, click on advanced option >>wireless settings >>enable 2.4 GHz & 5GHzz network name, try updating Netgear router firmware ,you can download Netgear router firmware file from Netgear download center.

Norman: How do I change my Netgear 1750 router password, where is login web page? , I am not able to access the Netgear router login page.

Solution : To access Netgear ac 1750 wifi settings,login to Netgear router default webpage using IP address, or using classic web address or, if login fails , make sure your device is connected properly with Netgear router wired or wirelessly, enter in address bar of your browser , a login screen will appear , click on wireless icon ,you can update your new wifi password ,minimum 8 characters are required ,select WPA 2 personnel as security type, then click save and apply .

Jim: I forgot my router password, need to reset the password on Netgear router, I am using an n 300 router, please help.

Solution : To reset network key password of any Netgear router ,you can simply do a soft reset on router using a paper clip for 10 seconds, router lights will flash momentarily, reconnect your computer with default network name ssid and password as mentioned on router label, open a web browser and type in address bar . NetGear genie setup wizard screen will appear, follow the on-screen instructions to set up Netgear router, and then you can create a new network name and wifi password for your router.

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