Netgear Firmware Update Using Netgear Nighthawk App

Netgear Firmware Update Using Nighthawk App :

It is recommended to update Netgear router firmware to avoid security vulnerability issues as well as obtain optimal router performance, Netgear Nighthawk firmware can be updated using Netgear nighthawk app

Step 1: Connect your device with  Netgear router network wirelessly.

Step 2: Download Netgear Nighthawk app from the app store or from Google play store in case of Android devices.

Step 3: Open Netgear Nighthawk app, log in to your account, select router settings option, click on check for firmware updates option.

Step 4: Follow on-screen instructions to complete the firmware update process.

NOTE: You can also update Netgear router firmware using Netgear Router default web address or or Netgear router IP address

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