Change NAT type on Netgear routers


Users using Xbox or PlayStation might face NAT type issues on Xbox or PlayStation, NAT type might be strict or type 3 or double nat in some cases, to fix this issue in case of Netgear routers, you need to refresh UPnP settings and apply static IP and DNS address to your device, try turning off UPnP on your Netgear router, simply login to your Netgear router login web console GUI using web address or using Netgear router default IP address, enter your login credentials, click on Advances settings>> Firewall settings >> click on turn off UPnP, then restart your modem, Netgear router and your gaming console, wait for 30 seconds, then turn on your Netgear router and your internet company modem, turn on your gaming console. Once your Netgear router is back ON, Navigate to UPnP settings option, turn UPnP ON, then click on save and apply option. Restart your Netgear router and Internet company Gateway, as well your gaming console, then try to access Network settings on your device and NAT type. If still, the problem persists, assign a static IP and DNS address to your gaming device and add device IP to DMZ server firewall settings on your Netgear router, restart your gaming console and Netgear router, then try to access network settings.


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